Stand Up Retail has LAUNCHED!

In today’s ‘new normal’, those working in retail stores are challenged more than ever before: changes in customer expectations, staffing models & company priorities… those working in stores need an independent source for support, mentorship and community.

We are NOT affiliated with any corporation, and mean to serve as a fully independent resource for store-based workers in order to grow skills, confidence and satisfaction while also participating in a global community of peers in a positive and productive way.

Our content is meant to help create (or strengthen) the foundational skills, behaviors, habits and strategies required in the industry today, so each employee can approach their role and position empowered to leverage the tools put forth by their organization to the fullest. Regardless of employer, our content is intended to support and grow the INDIVIDUAL: in both their ability to show up ready to find greater success in their role and to better take advantage of their company based programs to grow their career and job satisfaction.

Here at Stand Up Retail, we aim to build your core skills & create a positive community of like-minded people; giving you greater satisfaction/engagement with your retail employment and helping you feel better equipped to navigate your career goals with confidence.

Join Us!

New podcasts and videos EVERY WEEK of seasonally relevant retail lessons & mentorship.

Blog posts digging a bit deeper for each episode (great for referencing the tips, advice and lesson topics covered in the podcasts and videos!)

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Beyond the topic specific discussions and guidance each week, our brand was FIRM on creating an independent space for positive community interaction with a heavy dose of gratitude.

Each month, we will put out a call to action for our growing community, one that allows you to share what you are grateful for – whether it is something you did for yourself, or something that you want to put out there for the world to see about your team, your peer group or your location.

We are very excited to start filling in a big void that is our there today… we hope you will join us in making THIS network how best to survive the ‘new normal’.

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