About Us

Stand Up Retail is an independent network of content across multiple platforms (currently YouTube, Podcasts, Blog Articles and Social Media) that was created for store-based retail employees regardless of position or tenure. It is a support network of videos, podcasts and articles aimed at developing skill, building positive community and ultimately creating more satisfaction and success for the individual who works within a retail store. The ‘new normal’ is not easy, and company based programs are often not enough (or even relevant) for the wide range of individuals who seek to achieve skill development or career growth.

Stand Up Retail’s main goal is to support the individual, regardless of employer. We aim to help them navigate the ‘new normal’ with more confidence, utilize their employer’s programs to their benefit by bringing more to the table on their own, and create a positive community for all, full of others that understand their struggles; a space for the community to provide support, mentorship and guidance to each other.

In 2022, the founders, Carrie and Edward, plan to offer elevated mentorship, courses on specific skill development, as well as lessons geared to help all roles within the stores’ environment excel and find greater satisfaction within their positions and teams.

Are you ready to learn about your fearless hosts? Below is a sliding comparison graphic of each of their bios.

Using your mouse, slide across to view each of the founder’s background and career path. Each has over two decades of experience and they aim to use that extensive experience to bring you relevant stories of growth/development, guidance on how to grow, be more connected and engaged with your job in retail with a touch of humor that retailers will understand.

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