Update: Content Alignment and New Segment Launch!

Hello fellow retailers (and leaders of teams)! We know it’s been a while since we’ve posted a companion article for our podcast and well, we figured it was time to let you know why.

We have 3 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS to make:


Our long-form articles, while a valuable written resource, were the least interacted with content that our mentors created. And while we LOVE THEM, as our brand grew and diversified, we had to adjust our plan and rethink how we would approach the written content on our website.


They will just be different.

Think: episode recaps versus extended editions.

We hope to get back to long-form articles soon. At the moment, however, there just isn’t enough time in the day (or week) to create in-depth written articles, unfortunately.

As our videos and podcasts grew, we saw two large opportunities to provide more to the retailers out there. This is what drove us to our next two changes…


Our second big announcement is the addition of a new Monthly Segment on the Podcast: Fresh Take Tuesdays!

Fresh Take Tuesdays brings guests from retail (and other industries) onto the podcast to discuss topics that are current, controversial, changing or downright infuriating to the leaders and employees within the retail industry.

Carrie and Ed take on new topics brought to them by their guests with the goal of shedding light on the issues those working, or leading, in retail face. They offer fresh “insider’ perspectives and discuss possible solutions/resolutions.

Our inaugural episode digs into “Change Management,” which is a topic that everyone working in retail (and frankly, in every industry these days) knows all too well. It is a major contributor to workplace stress, dissatisfaction and it’s a hidden reason behind a good amount of movement in the “The Great Resignation.”

#3 New Leader U: Leadership for ALL

New Leader U came about as a foundational series of FREE LESSONS for emerging or new leaders. Providing shorter lessons on more specific topics, the endeavor initially focused on teaching and developing the ‘harder-to-teach’ soft skills that drive effective leadership (think: effective communication, empathy or courage for a few examples). Once it began, though, it quicky evolved due the understanding and the NEED for a dedicated (and ELEVATED) framework of courses. There just wasn’t much out there!

According to Carrie, the mission of New Leader U has become bigger, broader:

“NLU is for ALL, really: to help prepare emerging leaders hoping to move into leadership, to guide new leaders to quicker success and career growth, and to refocus / re-engage struggling leaders experiencing challenges within their role. The landscape of leadership is always changing, and often appears (or feels) volatile to these 3 groups. Our independent resource aims to coach, mentor and teach these leaders how to be more effective, more satisfied and more successful by supporting THEIR needs first – not their employer’s.”

-Carrie Rosalia, Founder & Leadership Mentor

New Leader U (or NLU for short) will offer free learning resources through its YouTube Channel and is currently developing 3 digital courses to be available in the back half of 2022.

To stay up to date on future courses, you can head to New Leader U’s site HERE, or sign up to their mailing list HERE.

So there you have it!

Beyond the two NEW RESOURCES listed above (NLU and Fresh Take Tuesdays), you can expect blog posts recapping each podcast that is released, starting May week 1, 2022!

Thanks for your continued support!

(Interested in being a guest? Got a topic that you would like us to dig into? Reach out to us HERE and let us know, or drop a comment below!)

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